The band program at Ardrey Kell High School has been a symbol of success and pride for the high school and the community of South Charlotte since the school opened in 2006. The program has received many awards ranging from marching band and concert ensembles, to the indoor winter performing groups. Over two hundred and seventy students participate in 3 concert bands, jazz ensemble, marching band, 2 winter guards.


2006 - 2007: CWEA Scholastic Regional A Class Champions

2009 - 2010: BandBEAT Finalist, Sixth Place

  WGI Richmond (VA) Regional - Finalist - Scholastic A Class

2010 - 2011: BandBEAT Finalist, Fourth Place

2011 - 2012: BandBEAT Finalist, Third Place

  Wind Ensemble performed at the NCMEA State In-Service Conference

2013 - 2014: BandBEAT Class 3A Champion & Finalist, Seventh Place

2014 - 2015: BandBEAT Finalist, Best Music, Eighth Place

2015 - 2016: BandBEAT Class 4A Champion, Finalist, Fourth Place

2016 - 2017: BandBEAT Class 4A Champion, Finalist, Second Place

  Purple Heart Homes Award of Excellence

  Charlotte Concert Series A Musical Showcase, First Place High School

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