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2022 Road to Grand Nationals Fundraiser

9th Grade

Goal: $15,950
Ranking #1
Raised $7,805
Needed $8,145
Time Left 1 month


participant image of Skye Baisden
Skye Baisden
participant image of Owen Campbell
Owen Campbell
participant image of Srijith Chandrasekar
Srijith Chandrasekar
participant image of Eesha Chandu
Eesha Chandu
participant image of Jeff Charmis
Jeff Charmis
participant image of Diego Chavez
Diego Chavez
participant image of Pranathi Devalla
Pranathi Devalla
participant image of Connor Duff
Connor Duff
participant image of Gabriel Fabiano
Gabriel Fabiano
participant image of Kira Hardee
Kira Hardee
participant image of Chase Jones
Chase Jones
participant image of Vedant Kartik
Vedant Kartik
participant image of Luke Konopasek
Luke Konopasek
participant image of Aayush Manai
Aayush Manai
participant image of Sidharth Mirchandani
Sidharth Mirchandani
participant image of Alexander Nobles
Alexander Nobles
participant image of Shruthi Prabagar
Shruthi Prabagar
participant image of Manisha Ramalingam
Manisha Ramalingam
participant image of Dior Rama
Dior Rama
participant image of Adharshanah Santhosh Kumar
Adharshanah Santhosh Kumar
participant image of Richa Shukul
Richa Shukul
participant image of Ariana Sood
Ariana Sood
generic participant image
Varshini Suresh
participant image of Ishaanth Thasu Madhavan
Ishaanth Thasu Madhavan
participant image of ashley wang
ashley wang
participant image of Michael Wan
Michael Wan
participant image of Sarah Weber
Sarah Weber
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campaign image for 2022 Road to Grand Nationals Fundraiser

AK Mighty Knight Marching Band 's Road to Grand Nationals Fundraiser

We are the AK Mighty Knight Marching Band and we are asking YOU to help us get to the Bands of America Grand National Championship in Indianapolis this November!

Our award-winning Marching Band is more than 110 members strong and it takes a lot to get our show on the road every year...

•LOTS of planning
•LOTS of hard work
•LOTS of sweat
•LOTS of support from our families and friends

As a self-funded program, we work hard year-round to raise the funds needed to produce each season's show, replace or repair instruments, clean and repair uniforms, clean and repair trailers, and build props. This year we face the added expense of getting 110 students and gear to Grand Nationals in Indianapolis, IN, this November. The added expense means we need to raise (LOTS) more funds than in a typical year.


We've been hard at work but need YOUR help to reach out Goal!

Here are a few ways to help...

• Donate to an individual Students Fundraiser: Know what grade your favorite Might Knight is in?  Scroll over to the Team Leader Board and click on that grade. Scroll the list of names to find an individual student’s fundraising page and make a donation by credit card to help that student reach their individual goal.


• Donate to a Team Page: Don't have a specific student you'd like to support? Scroll over to our Top Teams Leader Board where you can find the class you wish to support and make a donation by credit card to help them  reach their team goal! 


• Become a Sponsor: Would you or your company like to become a sponsor or advertise with the Mighty Knight Band? Contact the AK Band Boosters at AKBandFundraiser@gmail.com to learn more.


• Share our fundraiser with your friends and family: Sharing is caring and a super easy way to help!

We appreciate your support!

Our Goal $60,000
$29,251 Raised
$30,749 Needed

Donations accepted until 10/28/2022 12:00 am

Top Teams

9th Grade$7,805
10th Grade$7,476
11th Grade$7,250
12th Grade$6,170

Get more information about our Teams here:

Recent Donations

$100.00 from dgf

Congratulations and Good Luck in the competition!!

$20.00 from unknown
2 days ago

All the best Adharshna

$25.00 from Ganesh
2 days ago

All the best!

$25.00 from Suma Aunty
2 days ago

Good luck for your Grand Nationals Pranathi!

$50.00 from Amy
2 days ago

Connor, you are a rock star! I hope you have such a great time at Grand Nationals you'll talk about it for years to come!

$25.00 from Pramod
2 days ago
$100.00 from unknown
3 days ago

So happy to see you're into music! It will bring you a lifetime of joy.
Nonnie & Papa T.

$50.00 from Praveen Manai
4 days ago

Aayush Manai

$25.00 from unknown
5 days ago
$50.00 from anonymous
5 days ago

Good luck at Grand Nationals Gabe, love the Stephensons

$30.00 from VS
1 week ago

Thank you Ashwika, Lily, Badra

$355.00 from Brian & Laura Weber
1 week ago

We love you lots, Sarah!

$25.00 from Sukanya & Sridhar , Dallas, TX
2 weeks ago

Good Luck Srijith and AK Marching Band.

$25.00 from Jyo
2 weeks ago

All the best!

$25.00 from Neene Burke
2 weeks ago
$50.00 from Raj Damera
2 weeks ago

Way to go! Have fun.

$50.00 from Haresh Mirchandani
2 weeks ago

Good Job! Sidharth

$50.00 from Teresa Fabiano
2 weeks ago

We're so proud of you, Gabe! Love Nana and Papa!

$100.00 from unknown
2 weeks ago

Good Luck Srijith!

$10.00 from Jacob H
2 weeks ago

Here you go my friend :)

$150.00 from unknown
3 weeks ago
$100.00 from Masi
3 weeks ago

Lots of love and best wishes

$25.00 from The Richardeau Family
3 weeks ago

Have a great time in Indy Connor !!!

$25.00 from unknown
3 weeks ago

Bhavya’s dad

$100.00 from unknown
3 weeks ago

Paw Paw

$25.00 from KK
3 weeks ago
$50.00 from Fraleys
3 weeks ago
$125.00 from Srividhya & Sudhakaran - INDIA
3 weeks ago

All the best to Srijith and AK Marching Band !

$50.00 from anonymous
3 weeks ago

Good luck to Srijith - Laura DiGiovanni

$250.00 from JS
3 weeks ago
$150.00 from Uncle Mike
3 weeks ago
$50.00 from Schiller Family
3 weeks ago

Good luck Diego!

$200.00 from Prabagar Perumal
3 weeks ago

Ardrey Kell Band Rocks!

$150.00 from Sean Campbell
3 weeks ago
$50.00 from Nitin Mirchandani
3 weeks ago

Way to Go Sidharth Mirchandani !

$30.00 from unknown
3 weeks ago
$100.00 from Kumar
3 weeks ago
$50.00 from Amita chawla
3 weeks ago

All the best !!

$100.00 from Athi P Venkatesh
3 weeks ago

Good luck Manisha!

$500.00 from Mark Jones
3 weeks ago


We’re so proud of you and you’re going to knock it out of the park.

Mom and Dad

$25.00 from vimmi
3 weeks ago

Dear Ari, so proud of you. Keep rocking. Lots of love and best wishes

$50.00 from Santhosh Rajamony
3 weeks ago
$100.00 from unknown
3 weeks ago

Good luck to the team

$25.00 from The Rothman Family
9/8/2022 12:37 pm
$100.00 from unknown
9/8/2022 7:31 am

All the best Srijith :)

$550.00 from unknown
9/7/2022 8:41 pm
$25.00 from Robin Fowler
9/6/2022 1:19 pm
$100.00 from unknown
9/6/2022 12:56 pm

Go knock 'em dead! Love, Vitto, Louise, Nico and Emily

$50.00 from Janaki & Suresh
9/6/2022 11:20 am
$25.00 from unknown
9/6/2022 12:45 am
$50.00 from Balaji K M
9/5/2022 11:01 pm

Ishaan babu, Best Wishes.

$25.00 from Beverly Starkey
9/5/2022 10:39 pm

Best of luck Connor!

$25.00 from Tia belen
9/5/2022 8:33 pm

Good luck

$25.00 from KT
9/4/2022 10:33 am

All the best Ishaanth.

$100.00 from Tata Oscar
9/2/2022 12:19 pm

mucho exito Dieguito, te queremos mucho.

$50.00 from unknown
8/31/2022 11:40 pm

Good luck! Susan and Foster

$25.00 from Auntie Angie & Uncle Mike
8/30/2022 3:40 pm

Keep making us proud! We love you!

$50.00 from unknown
8/29/2022 3:17 pm

with all our love, Ed + Olivea + Zoe

$200.00 from Dipti Jagannath
8/29/2022 11:48 am

Good luck from Jagan Thatha

$25.00 from Diane Weber
8/28/2022 7:36 pm
$20.00 from Beth Graceffa
8/28/2022 7:35 pm
$25.00 from Varun
8/28/2022 7:06 pm

Good luck at BOA Vedant!

$25.00 from Diya
8/28/2022 4:39 pm
$100.00 from Aarti Perima
8/28/2022 4:35 pm

Have fun Vedant!

$50.00 from Diego Chavez
8/27/2022 10:59 pm

Let's go AK! First trip for Diego, we are so excited!

$50.00 from Auntie Mica, Andrea and Melissa
8/27/2022 1:18 pm

Have fun, Mikey!!

$100.00 from Grandma & Gramps
8/27/2022 9:20 am

Charlie sends his best wishes.

$100.00 from Samuel, Isa, Shanti and Jeremy
8/23/2022 5:05 pm

great job Owen!

$100.00 from unknown
8/23/2022 9:57 am

Good Luck Buddy
we love you
Aunt Nancy and Hannah

$25.00 from The Crabtree’s
8/22/2022 7:58 pm
$25.00 from unknown
8/22/2022 5:02 pm

Can't wait to see you in November!

$50.00 from unknown
8/22/2022 3:21 pm
$25.00 from Paulina Chin
8/22/2022 2:08 pm

Good luck Mikey! Love PoPo

$50.00 from The Lau Family
8/22/2022 12:28 pm

Woo hoo! Have fun on trip and make the most of it!

$100.00 from Aji
8/21/2022 8:41 pm

We love you! -Aji, Allen, Aiden, and Nina

$100.00 from Love Grandma and Grandpa
8/20/2022 10:12 pm

Good luck Alex!

$100.00 from Teresa Fabiano
8/20/2022 1:19 pm

I'm so proud of you, Gabe, and the AK Band!

$100.00 from A. Nobles
8/18/2022 11:28 pm
$100.00 from Tina Aryi
8/18/2022 10:52 am

Love marching bands and you, Owen!

8/18/2022 12:13 am
$25.00 from unknown
8/17/2022 9:03 pm

Go Owen!!

$25.00 from Aunt Rennae
8/16/2022 9:07 pm

Have a great season Luke! I’ll try to come to most football games! :)

$50.00 from Liz Brunetti
8/16/2022 8:41 pm

Good luck, Owen!

$100.00 from unknown
8/16/2022 12:30 pm

Best of luck and have a great time. XO
Uncle Steve and Aunt Diane

$50.00 from Carolyn, Larry, Max and Saul.
8/16/2022 11:19 am

always happy to support marching bands and you, Owen!

$50.00 from Charles Csernik
8/16/2022 11:16 am

Luke Have a great trip to INDY!

$50.00 from unknown
8/15/2022 10:30 am

We are happy to help.

$250.00 from Love Mom and Dad
8/8/2022 9:44 pm