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2022 Road to Grand Nationals Fundraiser

10th Grade

Goal: $15,950
Ranking #2
Raised $7,476
Needed $8,474
Time Left 1 month


participant image of Tanish Bhatnagar
Tanish Bhatnagar
participant image of Collin Campbell
Collin Campbell
participant image of Arya Chaturvedi
Arya Chaturvedi
participant image of Chengkai Chen
Chengkai Chen
participant image of Anthony Chung
Anthony Chung
participant image of Claudia Correll
Claudia Correll
participant image of Evelyn Delmas
Evelyn Delmas
participant image of Samuel Fox
Samuel Fox
participant image of Swapnil Gumpina
Swapnil Gumpina
participant image of Bharatth Hariharan
Bharatth Hariharan
participant image of Akhil Jasthi
Akhil Jasthi
participant image of Zoe Kaufman
Zoe Kaufman
participant image of Finnegan Kilcoyne
Finnegan Kilcoyne
participant image of Yury Koryazhkin
Yury Koryazhkin
participant image of Arya Kumar
Arya Kumar
participant image of Hayden McLaurin
Hayden McLaurin
participant image of Krutika Neema
Krutika Neema
participant image of Ella OKeef
Ella OKeef
participant image of Caleb Poulton
Caleb Poulton
participant image of Harish Ravichandran
Harish Ravichandran
participant image of Brendan Roman
Brendan Roman
participant image of Eunna Song
Eunna Song
participant image of samanyu srinivasan
samanyu srinivasan
participant image of Mahalakshmi Srinivasa
Mahalakshmi Srinivasa
participant image of Jake Stedem
Jake Stedem
participant image of Jaiden Tulino
Jaiden Tulino
participant image of Alex Weiss
Alex Weiss
participant image of Maya Wilson
Maya Wilson
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campaign image for 2022 Road to Grand Nationals Fundraiser

AK Mighty Knight Marching Band 's Road to Grand Nationals Fundraiser

We are the AK Mighty Knight Marching Band and we are asking YOU to help us get to the Bands of America Grand National Championship in Indianapolis this November!

Our award-winning Marching Band is more than 110 members strong and it takes a lot to get our show on the road every year...

•LOTS of planning
•LOTS of hard work
•LOTS of sweat
•LOTS of support from our families and friends

As a self-funded program, we work hard year-round to raise the funds needed to produce each season's show, replace or repair instruments, clean and repair uniforms, clean and repair trailers, and build props. This year we face the added expense of getting 110 students and gear to Grand Nationals in Indianapolis, IN, this November. The added expense means we need to raise (LOTS) more funds than in a typical year.


We've been hard at work but need YOUR help to reach out Goal!

Here are a few ways to help...

• Donate to an individual Students Fundraiser: Know what grade your favorite Might Knight is in?  Scroll over to the Team Leader Board and click on that grade. Scroll the list of names to find an individual student’s fundraising page and make a donation by credit card to help that student reach their individual goal.


• Donate to a Team Page: Don't have a specific student you'd like to support? Scroll over to our Top Teams Leader Board where you can find the class you wish to support and make a donation by credit card to help them  reach their team goal! 


• Become a Sponsor: Would you or your company like to become a sponsor or advertise with the Mighty Knight Band? Contact the AK Band Boosters at AKBandFundraiser@gmail.com to learn more.


• Share our fundraiser with your friends and family: Sharing is caring and a super easy way to help!

We appreciate your support!

Our Goal $60,000
$29,251 Raised
$30,749 Needed

Donations accepted until 10/28/2022 12:00 am

Top Teams

9th Grade$7,805
10th Grade$7,476
11th Grade$7,250
12th Grade$6,170

Get more information about our Teams here:

Recent Donations

$100.00 from Uncle Tommy
14 hours ago

Good luck Ella! Proud of you!

$135.00 from anonymous
3 days ago

Happy to Help You Meet Your Goal!!

$150.00 from Vikas Bhatnagar
3 days ago

Good Luck !!

$50.00 from Walter, Kylin, Logan, Dan & Diane
4 days ago

We hope you have a great time!

$275.00 from Kristen Fox
5 days ago

Love you!

$50.00 from Mr. C
1 week ago

Hey Finny! Glad to hear you're in marching band! Looks fun and you get to learn music at the same time :-O

$25.00 from Mv
1 week ago

All the best Maha

$50.00 from 陈乘恺
1 week ago


$50.00 from unknown
1 week ago

Grammy and PopPop are very proud of you.

$50.00 from Sanabria’s
1 week ago

Go Fin!! Good luck to you and the band!!

$50.00 from Stewart Family
1 week ago

Good at Grand Nationals!

$100.00 from Norman Fank
1 week ago

God bless you!

$25.00 from Amy A
2 weeks ago

Knock ‘Em dead!

$50.00 from Aunt Allie & Uncle Mike
2 weeks ago

Have a great time!!

$100.00 from Smithers Family
2 weeks ago

So proud of you Hayden! You play so beautifully!

$25.00 from Neene Burke
2 weeks ago
$50.00 from anonymous
2 weeks ago

Wish you all the best Mahalakshmi.

$50.00 from unknown
2 weeks ago

Go Alex. Good Luck
Love, Nana

$50.00 from Brian and Beth
3 weeks ago
$50.00 from Sai jasthi
3 weeks ago
$50.00 from Nagendra
3 weeks ago

Congratulations on the Grand Nationals! All the best!!

$50.00 from anonymous
3 weeks ago

So proud of you Ella! This is such an amazing experience and glad you are able to be apart of it. Go AK!

$550.00 from Love Dad!!!!!
3 weeks ago

Go ShempO!!!

$20.00 from unknown
3 weeks ago
$25.00 from Venkat jammula
3 weeks ago

All the best for your championship

$50.00 from unknown
3 weeks ago

All the very best Mahalakshmi

$25.00 from Yuktha
3 weeks ago

Good luck Akhil, All the best

$30.00 from Love, Grandma
3 weeks ago

Happy to Pitch In Jake!!

$50.00 from unknown
3 weeks ago

You go, girl! So proud of you!
Auntie Khu

$40.00 from Web Master
3 weeks ago

Yay Band!

$100.00 from Pardha Karamsetty
3 weeks ago

Best wishes to you and your team, Mahalakshmi

$16.00 from anonymous
3 weeks ago

In Arya Kumar we trust!!

$25.00 from Murthy Purohitham
3 weeks ago

All the best AK high school ang Mahalakshmi

$25.00 from unknown
3 weeks ago
$50.00 from Govinda Buddiga
3 weeks ago

Send a video of your Band performance if possible.gbuddiga@hotmail.com.

$250.00 from anonymous
3 weeks ago

I hope this helps to get you there.

$25.00 from Kathy Gerson
3 weeks ago

Good luck Zoe! Go AK!

$50.00 from unknown
3 weeks ago
$25.00 from Jennifer Cheung
3 weeks ago
$25.00 from Eddie, Jenna, Taylor, Wesley
9/5/2022 10:17 pm

Keep up the hard work Jake!

$25.00 from David and Lois
9/5/2022 7:00 pm

Have fun!!

$100.00 from Mariane & Bill
9/5/2022 6:41 pm

We're so proud of you, Jake!

$25.00 from Rachel & Billy
9/5/2022 6:38 pm

Go Jake Go!

$50.00 from anonymous
9/5/2022 6:22 pm


$100.00 from Mom
9/5/2022 6:04 pm
$100.00 from unknown
9/5/2022 4:34 pm

Love Grandma and Papa

$50.00 from anonymous
9/5/2022 3:57 pm

Have a blast!

$50.00 from Love, Memaw
9/5/2022 3:10 pm

I love you!

$25.00 from unknown
9/5/2022 1:08 pm

Make it awesome!

$50.00 from unknown
9/5/2022 1:05 pm

Love Mommom & Poppop
Supporting Ardrey Kell marching Band and our grandson Jaiden Tulino

$25.00 from unknown
9/5/2022 12:54 pm

Good luck AK!!

$25.00 from Debbie Leatherman
9/4/2022 10:57 am

Good luck Alex!

$550.00 from unknown
8/31/2022 6:19 pm
$50.00 from Bhanu and Suresh
8/29/2022 8:46 am

Gook luck Swapnil

$100.00 from Tammy Young
8/28/2022 2:02 pm

Good luck!

$50.00 from Grandma Peg
8/27/2022 1:41 pm

I can't wait to hear about all the fun you will have with the band. Love and Hugs!!

$100.00 from Sonia
8/27/2022 1:33 pm

I hope it will be the best season yet!

$25.00 from Raju Muppala
8/27/2022 11:54 am

Good Luck Swapnil

$20.00 from Madhuri Buddha
8/26/2022 12:41 pm
$25.00 from Ajeet
8/26/2022 12:31 pm

Good luck with your fundraiser Swapnil!

$25.00 from Anil Gumpina
8/26/2022 12:23 pm

Go Swapnil

$25.00 from Uncle Nick and Aunt Pennye
8/26/2022 11:45 am

We Love You, Sam!

$100.00 from unknown
8/25/2022 9:58 pm

Looking forward to seeing you and Maggie (and the rest of the family) in Indy in November. It’ll be great fun.


$50.00 from anonymous
8/25/2022 5:40 pm

Have a great trip Punky

$50.00 from Kate and Laura
8/25/2022 4:15 pm

Love you!!!

You guys are amazing!!

We are so proud :)

$25.00 from CQ
8/25/2022 12:52 am

Good luck!

$50.00 from unknown
8/24/2022 4:26 pm

Good luck at Grand Nationals Finn!

$50.00 from Aunt Rosemarie, Uncle Alex & Lucas
8/23/2022 10:59 pm

Good luck at the Grand Nationals! We are so proud of you Finny!!

$50.00 from Nannie
8/23/2022 7:00 pm

We are so proud of you! Go' Finny!!

$25.00 from The Hegner Family
8/21/2022 4:40 pm

Way to go Brendan, we are so proud of your hard work!

$550.00 from unknown
8/21/2022 10:05 am
$50.00 from The Jaroslawskis
8/18/2022 10:14 am

We are so proud of you Brendan! Work hard and have fun this season. We love you!

$550.00 from anonymous
8/17/2022 11:57 am

Thanks very much to all teachers and students for their effort! All the best wishes!

$30.00 from Aunt Cindy
8/17/2022 8:00 am

Have a great season!

$100.00 from Jeffrey Weiss
8/16/2022 1:43 pm

Indy or bust!

$100.00 from unknown
8/16/2022 10:37 am

Go Claudia! So proud of you and the band!

$25.00 from Love Aunt Julia
8/16/2022 9:43 am

Screech girls rule!

$25.00 from Uncle Mike and Aunt Denise
8/16/2022 9:35 am

We are so proud of your musical achievements! Have fun in Indy.

$50.00 from Spies Family
8/16/2022 8:44 am

Enjoy your season and have a great time Hayden at Grand Nationals.

$250.00 from unknown
8/16/2022 5:56 am
$50.00 from Aunt Karen
8/15/2022 10:36 am
$100.00 from unknown
8/15/2022 8:12 am
$50.00 from Nichola Simion
8/14/2022 10:47 pm

Rock it out!

$25.00 from LAJ
8/14/2022 10:17 pm

Have a GREAT year B

$100.00 from unknown
8/13/2022 7:14 pm

I’m so proud of you- grandma

$25.00 from Julia, Stacy, and Scott Correll
8/13/2022 2:41 pm

Have fun, Claudia! We are happy to support you and we love you!

$50.00 from The Nisely Family
8/13/2022 11:20 am

Wishing you an awesome season and even better trip to Grand Nationals!

$50.00 from Anna Makagonova
8/13/2022 9:45 am

good luck!

$100.00 from Natalia Kosyanenko
8/13/2022 9:30 am

Go knights go

$30.00 from Liz
8/13/2022 8:18 am

Have fun!

$50.00 from unknown
8/13/2022 8:04 am

Love you Boo!