Get Involved


In these days of cut backs and reduced funding, it is essential to supplement the limited funds that CMS provides to high school bands in order to enhance the educational experience of our students. Our band leverages parents and other community members to provide additional funds, goods or services, and time. If you have a specific skill or are just interested in meeting other people whose children have similar interests, we can use your help! It takes an army of volunteers to make things run smoothly for the band and although they won't admit it, your kids actually like having their parents involved in some band activities. We appreciate your support!


Become a Booster Member


The Ardrey Kell High School Band Boosters is a parent volunteer organization that provides financial and volunteer support for all AK Band classes and marching arts programs.


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Make a Donation


The band greatly appreciates the thoughtfulness and support for all those making donations.

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Volunteer Opportunities


Your time and support are invaluable to the success of our band programs! The Mighty Knight Band needs approximately 3,500+ hours of volunteer time in a typical year.

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Fundraising Opportunities


We are excited to offer our Mighty Knight band students a variety of options; this would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors and area families.

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