Mighty Knight Marching Band

The marching band is an extension of the classroom curriculum. Concepts, techniques, and other items taught in the classes will be reinforced in marching band. In order to participate in marching band a student must be signed up for a concert band class (the only exception is for color guard members and the occasional orchestra student). Marching band students have the option of signing up for the marching band class for credit or no credit. All students whether they will receive credit for the marching band class or not will be assigned a grade based on their attendance, appearance and performance. Students in marching band will be required to attend summer practices which include but is not limited to pre-camp rehearsals, band camp, post-camp rehearsals, football games and marching competitions.



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The Mighty Knight Marching Band is a competition group that travels for area, regional and national marching band competitions. The Directors, Students and Band Booster Parents dedicate many hours to make every season both successful and fun. Here are a few highlights on their upcoming events and recent successes.



2023-2024 "What Happens At Midnight"

  • North Lincoln: Class 4A 1st place, 1st Drum Majors, 2nd Music Performance, Visual Performance, Visual Effect, Color Guard.
  • Blythewood: Class 3A 1st place, 1st place Percussion & Color Guard, 3rd Visual Effects
  • Porter Ridge: Class 6A 2nd place, 1st Percussion,  2nd General Effects, Color Guard, Music, & Visual Effects
  • Providence Cup: Class 5A 2nd place, 1st Visual, Percussion & Color Guard 2nd Music & General Effects
  • Cary Band Day: Class 6A 3rd, 1st Drum Majors, 2nd Percussion & Color Guard, 3rd Music, General Effects, & Visual Effects


2022-2023 "Super"

  • Providence Cup: Class 5A 2nd place overall, Class 5A 1st place Visual & Color Guard
  • Cary Band Day: 4th overall, Class 5A 3rd place overall Visual & Color Guard
  • Grand Nationals: Competed in the 2022 Bands of America Grand Nationals Championships in Indianapolis


2021-2022 Buzzzzz

AKMB 2021 - Buzzzzz

  • BOA Tennessee Regional: 3rd in Class 4A; made Finals, placed 12th
  • Providence Cup: Class 4A Champions
    (and winners of class caption awards for best Percussion, Color Guard, Visual, Music and Overall Effect)
  • Blythewood Tournament of Bands: 2nd in Class 4A and 3rd overall

2019-2020 Where Evil Reins

AKMB 2019 - Where Evil Reins

  • BOA National Championship: placed 43rd overall out of ~100 bands; 21st in music
  • BOA Tennessee Regional: Made Finals, placed 10th
  • Providence Cup: Overall Champions for third straight year

2018-2019 Uncaged

AKMB 2018 Uncaged

  • Providence Cup: Overall Champions
  • Porter Ridge Band of Pirates: Overall Champions
  • Western Carolina Tournament of Champions: Overall 4th place

2017-2018 Redbrick Road 

AKMB 2017 Redbrick Road

  • Providence Cup: Overall Champions